DOT KNITS specialize in making one-off, handcrafted scarves with affordable price tags. We want to provide our customers with the choice to express their individuality and make sure you’ll never see two of the same products. We have bold designs and big opinions embracing all things textured. Our aim is to make you smile and create a statement piece for your wardrobe, giving conventional scarves a run for their money. We pride ourselves in our use of quality materials, luxury craftsmanship and strong ethics.


As the founder of DOT KNITS I wanted to make sure to introduce myself to our customers and share with you my heartfelt story behind starting the business. I first started knitting at a very young age on visits to my great-nans house, and what began as an excuse to keep her company for a few hours a week soon turned in to a shared love and full blown obsession with all things knitted. Armed with my nanny’s years of knitting knowledge and proof of the happiness you can spread through the craft, I went on to complete a first-class (hons) BA at London College of Fashion in Fashion Knitwear.
Dorothy my great-nan, known by her loved ones as Dot, sadly passed away in October 2018. I was lucky enough that first she got to see me graduate and I had the chance to thank her for all the skills, love, advice and giggles she had given me over the years. I have always intended to start a business in her name and continue her legacy. You will find that Dot lives on throughout the business most noticeably in the name as well as the logo a small nod to her love of crosswords, I have spent time reviving some of the patterns and designs that she created in her golden years and her knitting machine takes pride of place in the studio being used to create so many of our lovely scarves.
I hope my designs can inspire and enrich people’s lives as much as Dot has enriched mine.
Keep Smiling!
Alexandra xx
Dot Knits Scarves Alexandra and Nanny Dot 


We take our impact on the environment very seriously, below are some of the policies we have implemented and ways in which we try to reduce our impact on the environment.
  • No plastic postage! All our product packaging is 100% recyclable.
  • All our swing tags, business cards, thank you cards are made from recycled paper.
  • We are 100% Transparent about our supply chains and use of materials.
  • No wastage! You will often read in our item descriptions that some scarves have been made from waste materials or recycled yarn. We ensure that each yarn is utilized to its full potential and even our very small off cuts are stored and used as stuffing or as embroidery threads.
  • You will never find the use of non-ethical materials such as fur, pure silk and some types of angora where and animal has been harmed in the production process. All our merinos and wools come from certified farmers and companies who pride themselves in having a good knowledge of their supply chain.
  • By delicately crafting each of our one-off pieces we are aiming to target notions of fast fashion and create something personal which you will want to keep and cherish.
  • Where possible we try to use only Eco- Cotton (unless recycled).
  • We try to purchase a mix of new and recycled yarns, our recycled yarns can come from either sellers specializing in waste cones from the fashion industry, leftovers from local designers or even brought from local charity shops!
  • All our products are created in house in our UK studio.
  • No harsh chemicals are used in the washing or production process of any of our pieces.